What if you’d never slept in a bed?

This year students from 16 different countries who currently live in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland boarded buses for “Project Compassion” in Serbia. Students engaged in several work projects one of which was renovating a home and providing beds for a very special Roma family whose 9 children had never slept in bed. I […]

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A Must Have for Writers!

I am so thankful for tools that make writing easier. When you’re communicating as much as I do, whether in person or via technology, what and how you communicate matters. If you’ve watched a youtube video in the last few months you’ve probably seen an advertisement for Grammarly. (It just corrected my spelling of advertisement).  It’s an […]

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Every now and then we come across stories that highlight and help us understand in a better way the students we serve. Around is a short film about how a nomadic upbringing echoes throughout a lifetime. Enjoy! Get a jump on “Giving Tuesday” & help us reach more students, Click Here.

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The Marathon

I’m taking some time to write this while it’s fresh in my mind, and it seems like a good excuse to sit still and let my muscles forget that we ran 42km yesterday. With the prescribed “night before inspirational movie” still playing in our minds, my family left the house for the train to downtown […]

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