A Must Have for Writers!

I am so thankful for tools that make writing easier.

When you’re communicating as much as I do, whether in person or via technology, what and how you communicate matters. If you’ve watched a youtube video in the last few months you’ve probably seen an advertisement for Grammarly. (It just corrected my spelling of advertisement). 

It’s an incredibly useful tool that you can download add to your web browser or device and use for free. It will catch all of the spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing and actually educate you on why it’s making the change. It also emails you a monthly progress report so you can see if you’re improving or if you need to go back to “grammar school”.

Use the link below to check out Grammarly and get on the road to recovery.

Easily Improve your Writing with Grammarly!

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  1. Well, at least students will pay attention to the app if not their teachers.

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