Brice gives Chris some last minute marriage advice and we have an interview with Cara Meredith about the release of her new book, The Color of Life. Join the countrymen for all the adventures life throws at us!  

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I wanted to announce that I’ll be joining Chris O’Shaughnessy for the Countrymen Podcast! You can subscribe on iTunes, click the menu above and navigate to the Podcast Page or listen below. Subscriptions help the podcast reach a larger audience and are much appreciated! Now you’ll find a two-minute preview andRead More →

Germany is very orderly in all things and I think today was designated as the day the leaves fall off the trees. We’ve had beautiful weather and it’s a great time of year to explore the continent! This article from highlights some great destinations. The American road trip mayRead More →

All along Lake Geneva ships come and go from small ports carrying passengers, mostly tourists, from town to town. People who are exploring and only stopping through briefly. Geneva has long been a global hub for diplomacy, banking, and international organizations. It is one of the most diverse cities inRead More →

It’s “What we’re reading Wednesday!” This week I wanted to share an article that reinforces some of the things we and our YouthCompass staff are intentional about in keeping up with student culture. In 20 years of working with students, there are a few things that have not changed, but youthRead More →

Students moving into a new culture have added layers of anxiety and the retreat to electronic devices can be substantial. In addition many expat parents, in an effort to keep the peace and “help” their teens deal with the move don’t maintain strong boundaries with devices, curfews etc. The week’sRead More →

I’m writing from Switzerland where I’m onboarding new YouthCompass staff in the Geneva area. Welcoming new staff always reminds me of the absolute blur the first few weeks and months were living abroad. Here are some of my compiled thoughts after witnessing and walking numerous families through their first daysRead More →

It’s “What we’re reading Wednesday!” Our Wednesday article of the week is “The most important skill for 21st-century students is the discipline to say “no.” The landscape for students changed. With it, the most important pieces of their development as students and citizens of the world has also shifted. LaurenRead More →

What We’re Reading Wednesday… Some great thoughts on Third Culture Kids and how they engage in social media. This summer, The Atlantic published a fascinating article called Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation? I encourage every parent, especially of tweens and teens, to read it and discuss it with yourRead More →