As you may have guessed from the title of the blog post, Julie is writing this. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was “Sleeping Beauty” (circa 1979), and I have loved castles, knights, and princesses ever since!  Thanks to my music education, I also developed a love forRead More →

On the occasion of our four-week anniversary of living in Germany, I present to you a celebration of “FIRSTS!” – Will’s FIRST booster seat was a bargain at the local grocery store! Don’t worry, he meets the weight requirement and this car seat is approved by the German government. BestRead More →

Can Julie cover an entire weekend in a single blog of acceptable length?  Let’s find out! Our first Friday in Germany was very eventful!  Fed Ex delivered two boxes, Will slept in until 9:45 AM, and Brice’s coworker Marien (who is German) came over to help “show us the ropes.”Read More →

Two of our boxes were delivered on Thursday, our third day in Germany.  I was happy to reunite with my non-metric measuring cups, spoons, and food scale!  After breakfast, I spent some time washing and organizing things in the kitchen.  Have I mentioned that I love the kitchen? Early thatRead More →

Our Adventures on Wednesday (Disclaimer/note from Brice…Julie has promised not to blog everyday.) Will and I both slept in past 10:00 am, which was quite necessary since we were awake until 3:00 am! It was nice to have a leisurely morning in our new home. After “breakfast” (it was moreRead More →

A word of caution: the following blog post is written by Julie, which means you’re in for a LOT of details, some drama, and many types of punctuation. I would also include a ridiculous number of emoticons if I knew how to do such things on Open Office, but IRead More →