5 Gorgeous Road Trips to take in Europe this Fall.

Germany is very orderly in all things and I think today was designated as the day the leaves fall off the trees. We’ve had beautiful weather and it’s a great time of year to explore the continent! This article from thepointsguy.com highlights some great destinations. The American road trip may be iconic, but the winding, […]

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8 Tips for Your New Life Abroad!

I’m writing from Switzerland where I’m onboarding new YouthCompass staff in the Geneva area. Welcoming new staff always reminds me of the absolute blur the first few weeks and months were living abroad. Here are some of my compiled thoughts after witnessing and walking numerous families through their first days abroad. 1. Keep your VISA […]

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How Not to Behave in 15 Countries

 Traveling over the holidays? We found this quick overview of things to consider in 15 countries. If you’re looking to book a flight or hotel for your own cultural exploration Skyscanner has some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Add your cultural misbehavior in the comments!

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Does your business card tell a story?

I’ve just placed another order for these cards. The response has been nothing but positive! I love being able to share stories about the places and people we’re working with when I connect with someone.

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Best Apps for Expats (or Travelers)

Moving overseas or experiencing long-term travel in many ways is a completely different experience than it was even five years ago. New apps and resources appear every day that makes life abroad a bit easier. Here are some of our favorites…

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What you don’t see.

A beautiful Swiss day at Chalet Nyon. What don’t you see? What you don’t see… I awoke at 6am at my hotel in the Alps after an incredible weekend of speaking to youth. Hurried down the mountain to catch the train, and missed it…by one minute. I took the train 10 minutes later and watched […]

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From the Inter City Express…

Greetings from the high-speed ICE train! Currently moving at nearly 300km/hour somewhere between Brussels and Cologne and providing me an opportunity to write a bit. Is it too early for a New Year’s resolution? Our lives and work with students are so tied to the school calendar when August and September hit it feels like […]

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When being connected hurts. 

For expats, TCKs, and MKs living and operating at an intersection of the world has great advantages. It’s a culturally rich experience to be directly connected to so many parts of the world through the people around you. There are moments when it can be painful. When tragedy strikes, like it did on Tuesday, I […]

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A Weekend (Not) in Paris

This past weekend we were planning on escaping and going with friends to Paris.  There were a number of things leading up to the weekend making it clear that we shouldn’t go.  That created space and a weekend at home to catch up on a few things.  We did however feel the need to take […]

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Transformation: Project Compassion 2014

“You will never fully understand who God is without going on mission with Him.” – Unknown Every year I struggle with how to recreate, in words, the week spent with students on a Project Compassion trip.  Project Compassion gives students an opportunity to serve those in need and each night hear about the hope and […]

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