October Update

Julie gathering chestnuts in the forest for roasting.

Below you’ll find the link to our latest update! We’re enjoying our first fall or “Herbst” in Germany.

Thanks to all of you that make this possible!!

Johnson October Newsletter


  1. I so enjoyed your latest update! Now, I can “see” the places you are talking about since our visit there! Nothing like the real thing. It was wonderful meating the students and being there during a couple of the outings. I do miss my latte machiatto! I haven’t seen that title on any list here since I returned home. We are always keeping you and the Youth Compass group in our prayers!

  2. How many chestnuts have you gathered? Let me hear about the roasting! 😉 Yum. I’m sure there will be plenty of roasted ones for sale on the streets very soon!

    Happy Herbst!


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