Olympic Trivia about ROU!

I found myself wondering today why the country of Romania goes by the abbreviation ROU (instead of ROM) in the Olympics.  So I did some research…on the web…using a web search that rhymes with oogle.

The answer?

According to my exhaustive search, the Romanian government asked for the designation to be changed so that Romanians could further disassociate themselves from the Roma (gypsy) people — the same Roma people we served on Project Compassion this past spring.  They live in incredible poverty in a country that wants to have nothing to do with them.

Right now we’re in the midst of planning Project Compassion 2013 and it’s looking as if we will return to work alongside our friends at Networks Romania amongst the Roma people.

If you’re interested in coming along as an adult volunteer and experience an incredible week serving the poor alongside of international teens let me know!

Also, enjoy the rest of the games!

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