I’ve been a part of an unintentional experiment. For the last 7 years, I’ve helped lead an organization reaching teens living outside of the passport country. Each spring students board a bus and travel 24-30 hours to Eastern Europe. We ask them to make that journey without phones. Without phonesRead More →

It’s “What We’re Reading Wednesday” A great article by theCultureBlend.com gives insight into what we (and other families) experience in communities around the globe. It’s not yet Christmas . . . and already I’m thinking about June. There is a reason for that. Where I live people come and goRead More →

A quick video with some of the students sharing their experiences on Project Compassion 18… If you know a teen living internationally we’d love to have them along… we’ve just opened registration for 2019! Project Compassion 19

This year students from 16 different countries who currently live in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland boarded buses for “Project Compassion” in Serbia. Students engaged in several work projects one of which was renovating a home and providing beds for a very special Roma family whose 9 children hadRead More →

Husband, wife, grandmother and 9 children sharing two rooms. Those two rooms serve as the kitchen, living room and sleeping room. There are no beds…

Throughout the year we’re looking for ways to engage students in serving others. Each winter we turn our focus to our homeless neighbors and work to provide some needed items. Here’s a quick video summary…

Westering coached football players have greatly impacted my leadership and philosophy, and I count myself grateful for being fortunate enough to “be around.”

I am so thankful for tools that make writing easier. When you’re communicating as much as I do, whether in person or via technology, what and how you communicate matters. If you’ve watched a youtube video in the last few months you’ve probably seen an advertisement for Grammarly. (It just corrected myRead More →

 Traveling over the holidays? We found this quick overview of things to consider in 15 countries. If you’re looking to book a flight or hotel for your own cultural exploration Skyscanner has some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Add your cultural misbehavior in the comments!

Every now and then we come across stories that highlight and help us understand in a better way the students we serve. Around is a short film about how a nomadic upbringing echoes throughout a lifetime. Enjoy! Get a jump on “Giving Tuesday” & help us reach more students, ClickRead More →