ein Junge unter einem flugzeug.

We’re learning key German phrases like, “a boy under an airplane”.  If I really thought about it I could probably also say, “a dog on a table”.  We’ve started using Rosetta Stone to give us a head start on becoming familiar with the German language.  While the phrases may or may not be useful, I’m starting to […]

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18 “homes” in 24 years.

In late February 2004 I answered the phone.  The voice on the other end, my friend Amanda, asked, “What are you doing in mid April and do you have a valid passport?”  I was intrigued. April arrived and I found myself on a plane headed for Vienna and eventually Mojtin, Slovakia.  My time in Mojtin […]

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Where the streets have no name…

Okay the streets probably have names, but we can’t pronounce them…yet.  I’ll write more soon about what we’ll be doing in our work with Youth Compass, but I needed a quick post for this evening.   The town of Oberursel, Germany is home to Frankfurt International School and Frankfurt International Christian Fellowship(Church).  Oberursel is most likely […]

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You can’t take it with you.

I was just walking through Costco and had the realization that other than some food, I didn’t need any of the other “stuff”.  Making a move out of the country brings about an interesting and refreshing perspective about “stuff”.  In 11 years of marriage we’ve been pretty good about getting rid of things we didn’t […]

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Countdown Initiated!

Julie, Will and I have started on an exciting journey! We’re headed to Germany. I have accepted a position with Youth Compass. This is part of a larger journey that started in 2004 when I had my first encounter with Youth Compass on their Project Compassion trip. Project Compassion opened my eyes to Youth Compass’ […]

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