I just had the opportunity to hear a little more about the area and the people we’ll be working with during Project Compassion 2012, so I want to pass it along.  Each year, students from all over Europe come together to serve the poorest of the poor in Eastern Europe.Read More →

Julie and I just walked back to the apartment from dinner at the Brauhaus, where I apparently ordered a light meal … of FOUR types of pork over potatoes and topped with a cabbage salad.  It was amazing.  Our time here has also been amazing.  Here’s a brief recap withRead More →

We’ve landed in Frankfurt and made our way to Oberursel.  We’re here for a few days getting the lay of the land, meeting some key people and attending a workshop with other Youth Compass staff and volunteers.  It’s been a perfect fall day, cool and crisp with sunny skies.  We’reRead More →

The highlight video of Youth Compass’ Project Compassion trip to Albania last spring was recently posted.  Check it out!

Have you ever had an exchange student? Having an exchange student is an experience that is incredibly impactful and will leave you with stories for a lifetime.  (My friend Michael had all of his jeans stolen by his exchange student). As we prepare to depart to a foreign land, I’veRead More →

Creating space is an art form.  Most musicians will tell you that it is often what you don’t play – as much as what you do play – that makes a great song.  That created space allows the song to live and “breathe.”  We are no different. It’s incredible whenRead More →

Before we moved to Ellensburg we had heard about the wind … but we had no idea. The wind blows in Ellensburg and leaves its mark.  The trees throughout the valley lean permanantly to the east — the evidence of powerful wind from the west.  It blew the day we arrived,Read More →

The final episode of Friday Night Lights airs tonight.  I was a little late to the Friday Night Lights party.  I started a couple years ago, but as many of you know once you start it’s hard to stop and thanks to Netflix it didn’t take me long to getRead More →

Apparently these new electronic, do-it-yourself passport photos are all the rage.  They claim to save not only time but money, allowing you to select your perfect passport photo.  “It’s great for kids!”  You simply take a photo, upload it to a website, crop it, print it and attach it toRead More →

In previous posts I’ve referenced Project Compassion as my first introduction to Youth Compass.  I thought it would be great to post a quick video about the yearly service project.  Kids from all over the world spend their Easter break serving those in need primarily in Eastern Europe in communities where resources are extremely limited.Read More →